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SmartVolumeControl2 is a total rewrite from scratch, not another SmartVolumeControl update. It is based on a stricter design and philosophy. It aims on memory management and it's really lightweight. Keep in mind that SmartVolumeControl2 will not affect the way your device works in any way. Everything this tweak builds/creates will only exist while the volume HUD is presented. When the volume HUD dissapears, eveything is destroed, your device's memory is freed and its ready to be used again!

It currently supports eight (8) different presentation/view styles and five (5) basic settings plus basic activator support. As of version 1.1 more settings were added as: "Options you can live w/o"

Every single style is smart and touchable, meaning that by enabling the activation support, you can both present and set your device's volume level without having to press any hardware button/switch. Your device's volume control on your fingers

SmartVolumeControl2 supports iOS7 to iOS11 and all iDevices (including iPhone, iPod, iPad).

Price: 1.99$

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