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This section is about the tweak's settings. Currently there are five (5) different settings you can choose from. And one for Activator support.

The first two (2) options are about HUD's behavior. "Volume steps", will change the total amount of steps between zero volume level and max, while changing the volume level using volume up / down hardware buttons. "HUD dismiss delay", will change the time in seconds needed before the volume HUD starts animating (usually fading). To set a new value you can either press done choice or tap in any area outside the keyboards surface. Couldn't be easier, right?

The next three (3) options are about volume control. "Enable fast mute" will enable an iPad's feature which will cause the volume to instantly jump to zero value when the hardware volume down key is pressed and holded. "Lockscreen volume" will allow you to present the volume HUD and give you the ability to change the volume level from your Lockscreen and/or iOS 11 Notification Center. "Wake up screen" when used among with "Lockscreen volume" will wake up your screen even if its turned off while pressing the hardware volume up / down keys.

The last option is "Activator support". This will give you the ability to choose among a variety of activation actions to present the volume HUD. Since all SmartVolumeControl2's view styles are touchable, you can use this feature to present the volume HUD with a status bar swipe for example, giving you the oportunity to both present and change the volume level without using any hardware keys! Cool right?

As of version 1.1 new section was added to the Settings which has fulfilled all features requests of the previous version (1.0.1)

Settings Settings

This is a brief presentation of tweak's settings.